All the issues have been addressed!

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Re: All the issues have been addressed!

Post by steveting99 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:23 am

Max Shojaie wrote:
Fri May 31, 2019 9:34 pm
It is compatible but the only reason is, it's not side wiring and we don't have any hole on the BB mounting point for this middle-wiring model unless the backers want to make that hole themselves!

In WIP update #20, the new torque sensor and motor controller package has been mentioned.

It appears to be a Bottom Bracket (BB) type. Is the wiring on the side?
Some further questions for you:
(1) Is the torque sensor able to measure both pedals? I.e. full torque?
(2) Will the torque sensor also have cadence with phase?
(3) Will the new motor controller allow either torque or cadence control?
(4) How many torque assist levels will there be? What is the % additional torque assist is provided at each level?


Edit01: (5) Will there be detailed instructions on how to install the new BB torque sensor + motor controller for those less technically inclined backers?

Edit02: (6) Once you've tested the new motor controller internally to your satisfaction, will there be a select beta test group of backers on the new motor controller? Say at least a dozen who already have their Nireeka, are willing to take part in the beta test program and provide some valuable feedback to you? The same thing for the torque sensor + new motor controller. I highly recommend a beta test program to discover and iron out any additional bugs found before releasing into the wild to all backers. This is to prevent a costly to fix via a replacement of a new motor controller + torque sensor once problems are found.

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